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Anarchapulco 2017 – REAL INDEPENDENCE DAY!


We’ve been very busy down here in sunny Acapulco getting prepped for 2017. And after months of planning, we are delighted to announce availability of advanced ticket sales for a price that should thrill you. From now until August 1st, you can get your Anarchapulco ticket for the same price as last year: just $195. Not only that, but if you order a second ticket at the same time through our Couples Add-on, you can save another $50, getting the pair for just $340!

Of course, this year we’ve added one more day to the event, to bring you 4 full days of the best minds in liberty. But we also heard from last year’s guests that the pace was nearly impossible to handle, so this year we’re going to slow things down with longer breaks, a two-hour lunch, and longer sessions from our top speakers. Yet we’re still going to bring you even more top minds. How? By adding a second room for presentations!

This will give us chance to open up a wider variety of topics and of speakers. It allows us to invite more specialized and newer speakers, and experiment more with new ideas without committing 400 people to come along for the ride. Sadly, it also means that sometimes you’ll have to choose between two great speakers. Ah, the perils of freedom…

We have lots of great additions coming soon as well, so don’t book your flights & hotels just yet! We’ll soon add the TDV Internationalization and Investment Summit, Ayahuacapulco with Barry Cooper, Freedom Family Camp with Dayna Martin, a yoga studio with Carey Wedler, and much more! While we were proud of the outcome from last year, this year we’re going to do even more to ensure that Anarchapulco 2017 is simply the best event our guests have ever attended.

On a final note, we heard last year that a number of younger hopefuls found the event price tag too steep to justify on student budget, so we’ve decided to make it even easier for those just starting in their education or career to come join us. If you can provide a passport in February showing that you are 23 or under, you are eligible to buy a student rate ticket for just $95. If you’re older and looking for some kind of “hack”, you should be aware that we will be checking passports at the door, and you will be refused admittance if you exceed the requirement. (And we will have door security for the first time this year.) You’ll have to pay the difference between the student ticket at the door price of $345 to get in!

So get over to our home page now and get your tickets for the best possible pricing for the event you do not want to miss.

We’ll see you here in February!

Nathan T Freeman
Chief Cat Herder