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An Anarchapulco New Year!


There is something special about being in a very anarchic place for New Year’s. There are, to my knowledge, no laws about setting off fireworks or even firing guns into the night’s sky… and if there is, no one here cares about them.

The result is a beautiful spontaneous order on New Year’s eve where the entire bay is sizzling with energy and… as you can see here… at the stroke of midnight thousands of people and businesses celebrate. In the following video the stroke of midnight occurred at the 0:42 second mark.

Zero arrests were made that night, mostly because the municipal police have been banished. And also because the few “Federali” police were too drunk.

I ended up leaving my house at 1:30am to check out some of the festivities and every bar and disco was packed until dawn with nicely dressed, upscale and classy people from around the world.


As promised we continue to add great anarchist speakers for Anarchapulco. Just in the last few days we are happy to announce Kal Molinet of Liberate RVA and Julia Tourianski of Brave The World.

We have at least a few more we’ll be announcing later this week too. And, the amount of people gravitating here for the “collector’s edition”, first ever international anarcho-capitalist conference of its type, is becoming overwhelming.

We are, in fact, nearing capacity for the conference for the location we chose so if you want to be a part of a magical and amazing event that will change the world, we suggest you register soon.

You can do so, of course, at Anarchapulco.com.

The event is growing faster than even I expected and so we have brought in some help. Sarah Ziegler will be handling customer service and helping you with anything you need. You can email her at [email protected]

We are going to have a number of announcements coming out in the next few weeks so stay tuned here for more!

Feliz Ano Nuevo from Anarchapulco!

Jeff Berwick
Chief Freedom Officer (CFO)