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Align Mind, Body and Spirit at the Health & Wellness Retreat at Anarchapulco



Align Mind, Body and Spirit at the Health & Wellness Retreat at Anarchapulco


The first annual Anarchapulco Health and Wellness Retreat (AHWR) is an exciting new offering for health-conscious sovereigns. This masterfully curated Health and Wellness Retreat is for all voluntaryists who are ready to choose their greatest and most vital lives ever.

Forget the pharmaceutical companies and their monopoly on our global healthcare systems; it is our duty as incarnated souls to know how to take care of our vessels.

You are invited to share with a phenomenal community of human beings and learn what it takes to fully live and design your health from the foundation. The Anarchapulco Health and Wellness Retreat opens the wider channels to delve deeper into the cornerstones of our personal and collective freedom, by learning how to retake control of ourselves.

AHWR will begin on February 12th at 10am with an Opening Ceremony which includes a short cacao heart opening introduction with all of our speakers. Our lineup includes talks and workshops on the basics of breath, movement, health sovereignty, diet, yoga, tantra, electromagnetic smog protection, plasma field generators, alchemists guild to health, cacao, Kambo, Ibogaine, Ayahuasca.. and so much more!

Each day is FULL of content and workshops which will bring you to the next level in your personal health and evolution.  The speakers and topics will guide us through all the cornerstones of holistic wellbeing. The yoga and tantra morning and evening classes follow through the whole event, so if you MUST miss the health and wellness retreat, you will still have a taste of the magic throughout your Anarchapulco experience.

If you’ve been looking to reset your life amongst other like-minded people… this is it!

Tickets, like almost everything at Anarchapulco, are selling out fast so make sure to go to Anarchapulco.com to reserve your space now!

Jeff Berwick just released an interview with the person who has been putting together the Health & Wellness Retreat, Avi Esther, today.

You can see it here:

PS. If you didn’t get a ticket to Anarchapulco before it sold out you can still attend the Health & Wellness retreat and then stick around and watch Anarchapulco on your tablet, phone or computer poolside with the Anarchapulco LiveStream HERE.

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