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Alais Clay Announced As Anarchapulco 2017 Performer


Alais Clay Announced As Anarchapulco 2017 Performer


We’re excited to announced that Colombian born, Colorado based hip-hop artist, Alais Clay will be performing at Anarchapulco 2017!
Alais is part of an emerging group of performers and activists who call their style “truth-hop” for the style’s role in enlightening and spreading awareness of lesser understood political and social issues.
Her music is a mix of both English and Spanish and if you want to check out her style you can listen to one of her songs below.
Alais will be performing along with Eric July and Backwordz and other artists at the Anarchapulco concert on the evening of February 25th.
We invite you to come and see her along with many other freedom minded speakers in beautiful Acapulco, Mexico starting on February 25th, 2017.
To view the full event schedule please go here: https://anarchapulco.com/the-schedule and to make hotel accommodations or for general venue information please check out this link: https://anarchapulco.com/the-hotel
Make sure to claim your part of history HERE. And we look forward to seeing you next week!

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