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A Bitcoin Biker Riding Bicycle from the US to Anarchapulco



We’ve heard all sorts of amazing stories of anarchists making a pilgrimage to Anarchapulco. We’ve had one of our speakers, Jorge Trucco, who translated the “Market for Liberty” into Spanish, ask his son to change his wedding date so he could come. Another person gave a registration to Anarchapulco to their friend for their wedding. And many are driving down.

But none so far tops MC Voluntary (that’s his name on Facebook) who says he is going to ride his bicycle from Colorado to Anarchapulco!

Here is a snippet from his blog, BikeBit Adventure:

I am just a guy who views the world as insane asylum prison. To be free in the world of slaves is to firstly, recognize your own actions, and choices. Commit to actions you make, be responsible, and accept the consequences. Being free means do what you want. It will net you far greater than most could do in their life time. Slaves refuse to make actions, think or say things that are against the culture norms. They often out lash, and slay those who dares to question the culture certainty. It is they who are the most dangerous people on the planet. It is not the politicians. It is not the Bankers. It is not the ruling class. It was never the guy who commands an order. It is the individuals who carried out the attack. It is them who boost the status quo. Obedience is a threat to liberty.
It is a choice to continue to contribute the same collective monopoly of violence in the insanity world, which has last over thousands of years. Last century alone, over hundred of millions of people were exterminated by others who are a threat to them, and their image of godvernment. They were taught that the godvernment has all the powers, and approved so they have the right to use threats and violence. In more so, all are results of legalized murders, theft, fraud, and kidnapping.

The enemy of the system, is the individual.

To break the cycle is to introduce a new system, Crypto-Anarchy. Cryptographic, Peer 2 Peer, and Blockchain technologies are the pillars to build an voluntary society. Decentralization will change everything inside out for better. Our actions by using these techniques will drastically change. It is due to the inherent nature of voluntaryism, NAP. Non-Aggression Principle.

By giving others an experience, a taste of Crypto-Anarchy, they will come to realization that the power of individual will trump over the collective, given any time. Liberty will always be a thorn to the collective. Crypto-Anarchy will minimize the power of the collective. It also will break the bonds of the illusion of nation state, and the godvernment.

Hence the title, Bikebit adventures. I am going on a bike tour. During the tour, I will spread the message of liberty, bitcoin, and crypto-anarchy all the way down to Acapulco. Also, I will attend the conference, Anarchapulco. The journey begins on January first.

To follow his journey check out his blog here: https://bikebitadventure.wordpress.com/

For anyone else making an interesting journey or wanting to meet up with others to make the trip make sure to post on Anarchapulco’s Facebook page as well as on the Facebook Group for Anarchapulco which was started by Juan S. Galt who has already moved to Anarchapulco.

We will be announcing the end of the “Early Bird” price specials in the next few days so register now if you are making the pilgrimage to the new anarchist/ancap mecca, Anarchapulco! Click here to Register